Arthur Tanga Creations



Seasoned, creative and multitalented Graphic Designer, Illustrator and 3D artist with extensive experience in production art, project management, multimedia, branding, marketing, label, product, print design, and much more,

- Game art production pipeline experience in 3d disciplines including conceptualizing, modeling, unwrapping, re-meshing, texturing, animating, and rendering using diverse industry standard software and techniques
- Provided creative oversight for the design and production of both marketing and branding for print including (but not limited to) mailers, brochures, logos, and business cards. Prepared printing, delivered electronic files to printers/clients and managed and advised the overall print production process
- Created schematics and 3D models for novelty product prototype and printing for limited and mass production
- Developed successful marketing and promotional designs for clients to be used in multiple campaigns
- Oversaw and gave counsel to artistic staff members to ensure quality standard and art style compliance.
- Ability to distinguish between various art style, reproduce, accentuate or customize to create something fresh and unique, tailored to the specific needs of the client


Tel: (289)-948-1362

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